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Tips to motivate toddlers and preschoolers to love reading

The very first thing to do when introducing books to the children is to have fun. When they are enjoying the activity, they will learn better. Reading books are the opportunities to teach them the basic life lessons, to engage in conversation and develop language skills. But how to motivate the children to read?

Since we have gone through why we should get our kids read today, here are some ideas to make reading fun with your little one!

1.Start with interesting cover

Prepare the engine for the ride. Try to play around with the cover. You could choose a book with hard cover or waterproof so it will not easily torn apart. It’s okay if your baby want to explore books in different ways or maybe more interested to mouth the book rather than reading it.

If your toddlers are ready with some questions, try to engage with their imagination. Show the cover and let them guess what the story is going to be about.

2.Be Interactive

For babies below 3 years old, you may focus on the pictures instead of the story. It’s not always about reading the story. Point your finger to every shape or animal on the pages and sing about it. It is a good chance to introduce them with new words. Repetition helps too!

Interacting with children at 3-year-old and above would be a little different. They need expressive reading! Use various intonations to make the story alive. Try different voices for every character. It is also recommended to substitute your children’s names into the character so they get to relate with the story even better.

3.Let them take control

Reading to kids could be as boring as reading to ourselves. We can’t wait to finish the book when we don’t enjoy it, right? So does our children. Follow their lead. Let them choose the book they want to read though it is going to be the 100th time this week. Better yet, let them tell you the story.

It may be frustrating when your babies keep on turning the pages. But our aim is not to finish the story, our aim is to make them love it. Play along, and keep reading through whichever page. Engage with the illustration inside.

Take it easy mommies!

4.Make book as daily routine

Oh dear, gadgets should not be the alternative when you are tired or busy. It is undeniable that we need those technologies in our life but don’t fill our kids’ time with it. Allow your kids to see reading as entertainment too. These are the times when you can give books to ‘distract’ them:

  • Mealtime

While waiting for the food in the restaurants, or when it’s your turn to eat after feeding them. Save the noisy breakfast for tomorrow.

  • In Bus or Car ride

Don’t forget to pack some books as essentials when you are going away. Keep your little ones quiet and busy!

  • Nap time

Stories and lullabies help to sooth your babies. Use books to calm them down and have a sweet long nap.

  • Grocery shopping

Channel their attention to books while mommy grab some stuff.

  • In the doctor’s waiting room

Waiting for a check-up can be boring or scary. Distract them by interesting fairy tale or action fiction.

  • Bedtime

Wow favorite time after everybody’s hustle day. Best time to tuck in your blanket and work the magic.

Free up some time to explore books with the kids despite your busy weeks. Weave your children’s time with books in order for all of us to build a better generation. It takes a village to raise a child. Show them good example and don’t forget to make reading fun again!

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