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2019 Pre-Registration

Privilege to book a seat

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Why Us?

Overall I am very happy seeing my kid exploring and gaining new experiences through variety learning methods introduced by Little Caliphs. The teachers are always working hard to educate and often showing their love affection to the kids.

Aishah Zaha Zainal Parent

I’ve already registered my 4 years old daughter for the next year session. During the registration session I saw all the students reciting zikr while waiting for Asr prayer. Masya Allah my heart was in peace seeing those moment. I am sure that my daughter, Arifah, could not wait to start her pre- school at Little Caliphs soon!

Azliza IeyzaParent

Alhamdulillah. Little Caliphs is one of the best pre school in Malaysia. My son learns very well and I am very satisfied with his great achievement. Thanks to the great teachers who always work hard to educate our children too!

Hamie Maniz Parent

Alhamdulillah thanks to Allah Almighty for granting this privilege to Little Caliphs in providing education and services with good intention so that our children have the opportunity to be a good and pious son and daughter, Insya Allah. I hope the team are able to maintain their momentum and strive for the better in the future, Insya Allah.

Siti Razan RahimParent

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah Almighty, my kid manage to read and recite all the du’a in prayer even though he is only 4 years old. Many thanks to the teacher who always working hard for our kid development.

Che Hasnida Parent

Many thanks to the teachers for your guidance, kindness, and love for my son, Azeem. Thank you for the great memories too!

Ermadiana IsmailParent

Little Caliphs is the best pre school ever! My daughter is just turning 5 but she is able to read and recite iq’ra smoothly and fluently. She is also managed to memorized most of the short surah and du’a in prayers too. It is not easy to find a good pre school which provide Islamic- English teaching based nowadays and Little Caliphs is one of them! Thanks to all the great teacher of Little Caliphs!

Norozila RozieParent

Congratulations and many thanks to all the great LC teachers for all your hard work and dedication in our child development. Thank you!