Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

3. What is the major language used in Little Caliphs Khalifah Didik?

During class hours, communication will be 70% English and 30% Malay.

4. Does the Little Caliphs Khalifah Didik provide transportation?

No, we do not provide any transportation. However, we may recommend several transportation services for parents to deal directly with them.

5. Will Little Caliphs Khalifah Didik open during school holiday?

Yes, but for Full Day students only. If Half Day students would like to come, they can subscribe for School Holiday Intensive Program.

7. Can Little Caliphs Khalifah Didik handle my child who is always sick and has allergy?

Depends on medical report, if it is just mild and not severe, we can handle it, but if it is too severe, we regret we cannot handle it.

8. What should I do if my child is sick when at school?

In case of child sickness, we will inform parents through registered telephone numbers and if needed we will bring the child to the doctor if its emergency.

9. My child has speech delay, can he/she enrol?

Severe speech delay will affect their learning capability. We have no expertise in dealing with children with special needs. Thus, we advise parents to find a speech-language pathologist.

10. What if I need to terminate my child’s school contract before the end of the year?

Things happen. We understand and we will refund you according to our terms & policies.

11. I will be moving in the middle of the year due to changes of workplace, can I transfer my child to another Little Caliphs?

Yes sure. Through few procedures, we will help you transfer your child to another Little Caliphs. You also will get your refund accordance to our terms and policies.

12. How many times a day will Little Caliphs Khalifah Didik provide meals?

3 times for Full Day students (breakfast, lunch, tea time) and 1 time for Half Day students (breakfast).

13. Can my child bring snack from home?

No, unless necessary, you may consult with our principal.

14. What will the teachers do if my child is crying at school?

Teachers will coax your child, let he/she calm down and ask him/her to mingle with friends/other students. Teachers will also update your child’s situation from time to time.

15. What if my child still wears diapers and drinks milk from bottle?

Our school is diapers and bottled milk-free. Teachers will conduct potty training for students but at the same time, we need parents to play their roles at home too.

16. What will my child learn and do at school?

They study through syllabus provided, they play, socialize and doing some activities as scheduled.

17. What is the level of education for the teachers?

Minimum level of education for teachers is Diploma.

18. Are there any activities that I can participate together with my child?

Yes, there are few activities that parents can participate in together with their children. Our Principal will communicate with parents from time to time.

19. How can I know about my child development?

From provided communication apps and Parents-Teacher Meeting. You may also set an appointment with the Principal.

20. Should the parent stay during school drop off?

Parent should leave only after teacher takes your child.

21. What if I can’t fetch my child from school? Can someone else do it?

Yes, but parent must inform the Principal first (call must be done using registered phone number) and provide information about who will pick your child. (Name, Phone Number, Car plate number)

22. What if I am late to fetch my child from school?

We are giving you 30 minutes extra time every day in case you are late. Overtime will be charged accordingly.

23. Will there be any additional fees for events other than registration fee and monthly fee?

No, there will be no additional fees other than the payment needed in the Fee Structure and monthly fee. All the Annual Educational Events are already included in the Registration Fee. Unless, if you would like to register an extra co-curricular class for your children.

24. How does Little Caliphs Khalifah Didik maintain good quality and good performance from time to time?

3-time audits per year from 5 departments of HQ Khalifah Didik Sdn Bhd and 1-time audit per year from Little Caliphs International Sdn Bhd help our kindergarten maintain good quality and performance.